06.28.06 – Oil rig diving :)

Did some great diving last weekend at the Huntington Beach Oil
Rigs – First dive was at Oil Platform Eureka, this structure is huge and gets
even bigger underwater. I did a deep dive (my deepest yet – to 127 feet) and got
some great footage. This was the most macro video I have done to date, there was
so much life piled upon life that there were video subjects everywhere. The
entire dive day was awesome, we were treated to a pair of Finback Whales and a
good sized pod of feeding Dolphins during our surface intervals. I dove with
Eric and James.

06.19.06 – Two new Catalina dive videos

06-19-06 Log: Added two new dive videos, both filmed at Catalina Island. They came out really good, nice sunny days, great kelp and wildlife, if only vis was better as it was about 20-30 feet max for these two boat trips. I did all of the April 2nd diving solo with the video camera, it was very enjoyable. The Pacific Electric Ray was a real treat. The May 28th dive was shot in “Pro Cinema Mode” and looked very cool. I am going to use it from now on I think. I have been insane busy at my new day job, and my band Electrostatic keeps me busy most nights.