Triple Barrel Pond - started on 4/24/07

Latest picture - 07-29-07



Three half wine barrels
Rio 1700 pump (running at maybe 1/4 open)
custom PVC undergravel filter
2" PVC overflows on upper two barrels

Water volumes
Top - approx 23 gallons
Middle - approx 23 gallons
Bottom - approx 15 gallons
Total volume approx 61 gallons

8 Comet Goldfish (4 in middle barrel, 4 in lower barrel)

Two or three types of small snails

Egyptian Papyrus
Dwarf Cattail (Typha minima)
White Rain Lily (Zephyranthes candida)

Perry's Baby Red Lily

Elodea canadensis (Anacharis)

Water Hyacinth
Azolla (Fairy Moss)
Salvinia (Water fern)

The bottom barrel, about 8-9 inches deep, lots of Elodea, Water Hyacinth and the White Rain Lily. This barrel has 4 fish. That is a solar light with tinfoil taped on to deflect the light down.

The middle barrel, about 18" deep, Contains the Dwarf Cattail (big kidney shaped basket in the back), one basket of Elodea (under the spout), and the Perry's Baby Red Lily (you can see the submerged pads). This barrel has 4 fish also.

The top barrel is completely covered with floating plants, it contains tons of Water Hyacinth, Fairy moss and Water fern (Azolla and Salvinia). There are no fish in this barrel, but I may move two goldfish in if I can create a barrier for floating plants that they can swim under.