07.29.11 – Catalina Diving Pictures

04.08.11 – Most recent SCUBA videos (HD)

A year and a half ago I got a tiny Canon Powershot SD780 is and the matching housing.

Here are the first three new videos with this camera. It works, sometimes, but I didn’t expect much. My main complaints are; there are no controls to fix focus (always auto-focus blows) and no way to fix the exposure controls, and the auto mode is slow compared to my SD panasonic camcorder. But then again, it has manual white balance, fits (with housing) in a BC pocket, and shoots at 720p and was less than $500 total. I may go DSLR and house it if I get the itch to do more pro looking underwater stuff. I honestly haven’t been diving as much lately, work (symantec corp) is pretty busy and I had more foot problems (gout, high arch pain). I also got more into reefkeeping, which is like bringing the diving home to the living room. Even with all that, I did get 7 or 8 dives in during 2010, here are 4 videos shot with the new Canon.

A nice dive at Catalina Island, vis was great, beautiful day for diving!

A video from the Dive Park at Avalon, always a nice dive (dove with Eric)

A boat trip to Catalina Island – vis was kinda poor, but I saw two large Soupfin sharks and got it on video, AWESOME!

04.08.11 – New blog format for socaldivevideos.com!

Holy crap, it’s about time to update the website. Decided to use wordpress to make everything easy to update, have comments, that kind of thing. I will probably be changing the look of the site over the next few days and add custom graphics and such. Let me know if you like it!

– Mike Thibeau

07.17.10 – Catalina Dive Pictures

06.19.10 – Catalina Dive Pictures

06.11.10 – Avalon Catalina diving pictures

07.08.09 – Puerto Morelos Mexico dive videos

Here are two videos I did not shoot, but have me diving in them. I was diving from a resort in Puerto Morelos Mexico. The end of the 2nd video is awesome (dive 3) but is short as the videographer was paid for some solo thing and just edited some reef shots in for me. I wound up only doing three dives over the 5 day vacation. Mostly because of weather, and wanted to see Mayan ruins which were an all day thing. Water was really warm, 82f all the way down to 60+ feet. Vis ranged from 15ft to 60+ in the three dives I did. Boat picked us up on the beach in front of our resort, there was a dive center that arranged everything.

These two videos are of the last dive, I took these on my old Olympus point and shoot. But show how raging fish this reef was. The dive site was called “the gardens”.


07-01-09 – Puerto Morelos diving pictures

09.06.08 – Catalina Island kelp forest nature video

Here is a video I made where I used large transparent text showing what the viewer is seeing. I liked it, others did not. It was a fun day of diving either way, here it is…

06.28.08 – Shaw’s Cove, Laguna Beach dive pictures

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