04.08.11 – Most recent SCUBA videos (HD)

A year and a half ago I got a tiny Canon Powershot SD780 is and the matching housing.

Here are the first three new videos with this camera. It works, sometimes, but I didn’t expect much. My main complaints are; there are no controls to fix focus (always auto-focus blows) and no way to fix the exposure controls, and the auto mode is slow compared to my SD panasonic camcorder. But then again, it has manual white balance, fits (with housing) in a BC pocket, and shoots at 720p and was less than $500 total. I may go DSLR and house it if I get the itch to do more pro looking underwater stuff. I honestly haven’t been diving as much lately, work (symantec corp) is pretty busy and I had more foot problems (gout, high arch pain). I also got more into reefkeeping, which is like bringing the diving home to the living room. Even with all that, I did get 7 or 8 dives in during 2010, here are 4 videos shot with the new Canon.

A nice dive at Catalina Island, vis was great, beautiful day for diving!

A video from the Dive Park at Avalon, always a nice dive (dove with Eric)

A boat trip to Catalina Island – vis was kinda poor, but I saw two large Soupfin sharks and got it on video, AWESOME!

07.08.09 – Puerto Morelos Mexico dive videos

Here are two videos I did not shoot, but have me diving in them. I was diving from a resort in Puerto Morelos Mexico. The end of the 2nd video is awesome (dive 3) but is short as the videographer was paid for some solo thing and just edited some reef shots in for me. I wound up only doing three dives over the 5 day vacation. Mostly because of weather, and wanted to see Mayan ruins which were an all day thing. Water was really warm, 82f all the way down to 60+ feet. Vis ranged from 15ft to 60+ in the three dives I did. Boat picked us up on the beach in front of our resort, there was a dive center that arranged everything.

These two videos are of the last dive, I took these on my old Olympus point and shoot. But show how raging fish this reef was. The dive site was called “the gardens”.


09.06.08 – Catalina Island kelp forest nature video

Here is a video I made where I used large transparent text showing what the viewer is seeing. I liked it, others did not. It was a fun day of diving either way, here it is…

03.28.08 – Catalina video (Great Escape dive boat)

11.09.07 – Chamber Day video, Anacapa, dolphins

11-09-07 Log: I uploaded 5 more videos, some of them are almost 11 months
old. Been busy at work, no diving either. I have not been diving since early
August due to an Achilles tendon injury, therapy seemed to help lots and it
feels much better. I may be getting back in the water next weekend though, a
Catalina trip. Enjoy the videos and hopefully I will get some filming in before the end of the year.


04.09.07 – More videos, great sea lion footage

04-09-07 Log:
New movies up, have been diving, just no time to update the
web site. I have just uploaded a great California Sea Lion clip and a nice
Redondo Beach night dive video. I have two more Catalina videos to edit too. When I capture my
footage I grab frames for my buddies and post them on the net. Here is the
newest dive frame grabs 12-07-06 Redondo Beach night dive, videos will eventually be uploaded for all of these.


07.20.06 – Mr C to Catalina, Octopus and Moray eels!

07-20-06 Log: Did a three tank Catalina Island dive trip with the dive boat Mr. C last Sunday. Vis was poor, but we had a good time anyway. I actually got some really good footage during the diving. Here are some framgrabs from the trip. I just added uploaded the video. At the dive site “Ripper’s Cove” we saw at least 6 Moray Eels and 4 Octopus. Then another Octopus at the next dive site called “Red Bluff”. There were lots of baby fish and schools of baitfish the entire three dives. Catalina’s marine environment is really healthy!

06.28.06 – Oil rig diving :)

Did some great diving last weekend at the Huntington Beach Oil
Rigs – First dive was at Oil Platform Eureka, this structure is huge and gets
even bigger underwater. I did a deep dive (my deepest yet – to 127 feet) and got
some great footage. This was the most macro video I have done to date, there was
so much life piled upon life that there were video subjects everywhere. The
entire dive day was awesome, we were treated to a pair of Finback Whales and a
good sized pod of feeding Dolphins during our surface intervals. I dove with
Eric and James.

06.19.06 – Two new Catalina dive videos

06-19-06 Log: Added two new dive videos, both filmed at Catalina Island. They came out really good, nice sunny days, great kelp and wildlife, if only vis was better as it was about 20-30 feet max for these two boat trips. I did all of the April 2nd diving solo with the video camera, it was very enjoyable. The Pacific Electric Ray was a real treat. The May 28th dive was shot in “Pro Cinema Mode” and looked very cool. I am going to use it from now on I think. I have been insane busy at my new day job, and my band Electrostatic keeps me busy most nights.

02.06.06 – Anacapa diving in 55f water, brrrr!

02-06-06 Log: Finally got back into the cold SoCal water! I just did three dives at Anacapa Island with some friends this last Saturday Feb 4th. It was a nice sunny day, but the water was really cold (around 55f). I shot a little video and some stills, a gallery of screen grabs and stills is here. One site had lots of sea lions and a really nice kelp forest. Other diving recently – on Jan 25th I
did some lobster hunting from a friend’s boat. We found the deeper off-shore reef at Big Rock in Malibu, while I didn’t get any lobsters, I did manage to pull 9 good sized scallops off the very large reef (yummy!).