02.25.06 – Catalina Harbor Clean Up dive pictures

02.06.06 – Anacapa diving in 55f water, brrrr!

02-06-06 Log: Finally got back into the cold SoCal water! I just did three dives at Anacapa Island with some friends this last Saturday Feb 4th. It was a nice sunny day, but the water was really cold (around 55f). I shot a little video and some stills, a gallery of screen grabs and stills is here. One site had lots of sea lions and a really nice kelp forest. Other diving recently – on Jan 25th I
did some lobster hunting from a friend’s boat. We found the deeper off-shore reef at Big Rock in Malibu, while I didn’t get any lobsters, I did manage to pull 9 good sized scallops off the very large reef (yummy!).