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11.21.05 – Back from Thailand!

It was a wonderful trip. The diving was totally amazing! I will be making lots of videos. I shot about 4 and a half hours of video and filmed on all 22 dives. The water was really warm at 82-84f and maybe getting down 4 or 5 degrees if we hit a thermocline. We dove most of the dive-able Similan Islands, and also dove three times at Koh Bon Island,  twice at Ko Tachai Island and 5 dives at Richelieu Rock including a real cool night dive.The first dive was the most amazing thing I have ever done, I keep reef aquariums as a hobby and always thought that coral diversity and density of a packed tank would never be seen again in an ocean. I was wrong, it was like diving in a giant pristine, fully stocked aquarium. Stunning.

All the Thailand trip media:


Underwater photo gallery – James took all the underwater pictures and many topside pictures. A few topside pics were taken by me.

Bangkok photo gallery – We visited lots of temples, the river and more while we were in Bangkok.

Phuket photo gallery – We did an elephant ride and a sea canoe (caves) trip.

Video still gallery - A bunch of frame grabs from all the video I shot when diving.


Richelieu RockĀ  – shot during 4 dives including a really cool night dive

Ko Tachai Island video – shot during 3 dives. The schools of Bat fish were really cool

Clownfish video – A short video with different species of anemone fish (clownfish) and different anemone species.

East of Eden dive site video – a 5 minute video of the first dive of the trip at a site called East of Eden.

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