VIDEO and STILLS: Current setup:

Canon Powershot SD780 is and the matching housing.

It works, sometimes, but I didn’t expect much. My main complaints are; there are no controls to fix focus (always auto-focus blows) and no way to fix the exposure controls, and the auto mode is slow compared to my SD panasonic camcorder. But then again, it has manual white balance, fits (with housing) in a BC pocket, and shoots at 720p and was less than $500 total.



VIDEO: Previous setup (all videos shot before 2010 were this rig)

I received the housing on 05-19-05 and used it up until Mid 2008.

I have been using the 3CCD widescreen Panasonic GS-400 above water for a few months now and was just saving for a custom Ikelite housing for it (Ikelite doesn’t do Panasonic, mostly Sony). The camera is the best of the 3CCD widescreen 16:9 camcorders in this price range (at around $900-$1100) the Sony camcorder in the same class has all the manual controls on the touch-screen (no manual housing controls). Sealux (in Europe) makes a good looking housing, but it was very expensive. Equinox makes a housing too, but it lacked many controls I wanted. I found the Ocean Images Inc. GS400 housing discussed on a website here, I emailed them, and everything sounded very cool. It is a nice looking housing. I purchased a generic light arm set from them at the same time. I have figured out how to mount the dovetails for the UK Light Cannons I want to use, but need a second dovetail (I used a Ultra-light UK LC100 adaptor for the first one, and may need to buy a second).

The Camera: Panasonic – GS-400 3CCD Mini DV Camcorder, The Housing: Ocean Images – Panasonic GS-400 Housing

Lights: 2 UK – Light Cannon 100s on the standard Ocean Images light mount.

STILLS: Previous setup (all stills shot before 2010 were this rig)

Here is my old still camera (I now use the Canon for stills): Olympus CZ5000 5 Megapixel in an Olympus PT-019 housing.

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